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The Bottom of the Heap (My Year in Books - 2015)

I figured I'd start with the least favorite and save the best for last. These are the books that I rated two stars or less. If I wrote a review for the book, I'll include it in a link that looks like this: [x]


Bellfield Hall - Or, The Oberservations Of Miss Dido Kent - Anna Dean 


Bellfield Hall by Anna Dean is the first of the Dido Kent Mysteries. I felt the heroine was immensely unlikable, and the added moralizing by the author through a couple of plot points really soured me on this book. [x] Rating: 2 stars


A Gentleman of Fortune - Anna Dean 


A Gentleman of Fortune by Anna Dean is the second of the Dido Kent mysteries. Since I owned the first two books, I thought I would give the author one more chance to win me over. It didn't happen. [x] Rating: 2 Stars


Voyage of the Dead - David P. Forsyth 


Voyage of the Damned by David P. Forsyth is the first in a series of zombie apocalypse fiction. I felt there was actual little threat to the characters, the 'hero' was a pompous Gary Stu of the highest order, and the female characters had less than zero development and served to panic, cry, and or offer sexual favors to their rescuers. [x] Rating: 1 star


The Haunting - Nicole Garcia,Patty Hanson 


The Haunting by Nicole Garcia. What I thought I was getting based on the description: 6 people from various walks of life spending the night in a haunted house for a shot at a million dollars. What I got: Two TSTL main characters who decide that the best time to have really badly written sex was smack in the middle of a killer killing everyone else in the house. [no review] Rating: 1 star


Night Manager - John le Carré 


The Night Manager by John Le Carré is a book that I will admit upfront I only read because they are making a mini series of it, and Tom Hiddleston is gonna star in it. That being said, this book was a struggle. I felt it took far too long to get Pine installed in Roper's organization, and the government figures were pretty much interchangeable. I also felt the book focused far too much on Pine's manpain in regards to women. [x] Rating: 2 stars


Circus of Horrors - Carole Gill 


Circus of Horrors by Carole Gail. It started out somewhat promising before devolving into a great big pile of WTF. I literally have never seen a book fall apart that fast. [x] Rating 1.5 stars


Autumn's Breath: A Horror Short Story - M. R. Mathias,Michael Robb 


Autumn's Breath by Michael Robb Mathias. I read this back in October, and ended up not really liking it. Sad thing is, since I didn't write a review, I don't really remember why now. Which, I guess is telling in and of itself. [no review] Rating: 2 stars


Paskagankee - Allan Leverone 


Paskagankee by Allan Leverone is a book I probably don't have to write too much about because y'all probably remember the numerous updates I posted while reading it. In short, this book made me quite ragey due to it's near constant reminders of just how young and beautiful and SO DAMN YOUNG the female lead was. Add in stilted and hokey dialogue and yeah...reading it was not a good time. [x] Rating 1.5 stars


Coming soon: My top books of 2015!