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Paskagankee - Allan Leverone

This just really wasn't what I was expecting it to be. I think the premise of the book was (or could have been) interesting, but the execution was lacking.


The things that bothered me the most were:


I had issues with the dialogue. At times it was very stilted, and...hokey at times. And the characters at random times would be referred to by their fist and last names. It was rather jarring. And the one character, Sharon, also had a nickname, Shari, so at times she'd be refrred to as, 'Sharon', 'Sharon Dupont', and 'Shari' pretty much on the same page. It just seemed odd to me.


Speaking of Sharon, I found it quite aggravating that she was constantly, and I mean constantly, being referred to as young and beautiful. Really, that's something that I only need to be told once or twice for me to remember it.


And on that note, the constant reminders that Sharon was just, oh so young, also soured me to the romance between her and the sheriff. I mean, I'm under the impression that there was maybe a ten year age difference between the two, and that's not something that would normally bother me in a relationship between two consenting adults, but after being clobbered over the head by how young Sharon is, I found myself really turned off by the whole thing.