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A Most Improper Rumor: A Whispers of Scandal Novel

A Most Improper Rumor - Emma Wildes

Enjoyed this one as much (if not maybe a little more) than the first in the series.

Also, as with the first, I find the storyline/romance between Ben and Alicia to be much more compelling than the book's other romance storyline, which in this case is Angelina and Christopher. Not that I didn't enjoy their storyline at all, I did. And actually, I thought the fact that as the book began the couple were already in love, and needed Ben to help clear Angelina's name to be quite refreshing. But...when reading the parts of the book devoted to them, however enjoyable, I still longed to be back with Ben and Alicia.


The overall mystery of who the villain actually is and why they're doing what they do is deepened and quite compelling itself, and I cannot wait to see how it's all resolved.

And again, as with the first book, the synopsis can lead one to believe that Angelina and Ben are the main couple of the story. And while they are indeed each a heroine and a hero, they are not each other's.

Also, I found myself quite interested in some of the side characters, most notably Mrs. Dulcet and Sharpe. I am hoping maybe some day they will have their own story...whether they're the actual couple or not.

I hope the next book in the series is released soon.