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Final Girls

Final Girls - Riley Sager

The front cover of this book has a quote from Stephen King that says, "If you liked Gone Girl, you'll like this." I have no idea if this is accurate as I've never read Gone Girl. That being said, I did enjoy this.


The story is focused around Quincy Carpenter, the sole survivor of a massacre at a remote cabin 10 years ago. Her, and two other survivors of two other mass killings have been dubbed by the press as the Final Girls.


Quincy has seemed to put the past behind her as much as she can. But then one of the Final Girls is found dead and the other shows up on her doorstep soon after.


The story is told alternating between first person from Quincy's perspective and third person in the form of flashbacks to the night Quincy and her friends were attacked.


The pacing is pretty good, and I thought I had it all figured out only to find that I was wrong.


I'll definitely look into other books by this author.