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The Wild Country

Wild Country - Anne Bishop

I thoroughly enjoyed this one, even if I did feel a tiny bit let down by the ending. I mainly wished there had been more resolution to some of the relationships that had been fractured during the events near the end of this book. (Especially Tolya and Jesse.) It did seem to me that hopefully some of those friendships would eventually be repaired in some way in the future, but I'd have liked to seen a bit more of it on the page. I felt very...unsettled, I guess. I woke up thinking about the ending of the book, so it really stuck with me.


It was also interesting to hear about some of the events from Etched in Bone from another perspective and to see how those events ripped across Thaisia.


I hope the author will write another book set in this particular area of Thaisia, because I grew very attached to these characters very quickly, and I'd love the chance to visit with them again.