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24 Festive Tasks - Door 7: International Day for Tolerance (Task 2)


Task 2: Share a story about yourself, or a story about your family that’s survived the generations, or share a particular tradition your family has passed on from generation to generation and if there’s a story behind why, tell us about it.


This is one of the stories my parents like to tell about me. When I was about 3-ish, I began to have issues with my kidneys. There wasn't actually anything wrong with my kidneys, I had a small infection, but there was a tiny medical issue that needed to be corrected before they did become damaged. So I was placed in the hospital. A fact which I was very unhappy about apparently. My dad decides to go to the gift shop to buy me a gift, and apparently, I thought he was leaving to go home. My mom says I jumped out of the bed, grabbed my little suitcase and made for the door. She asked me what I was doing, and I looked at her and said, "You can stay here if you want, but I'm going with my daddy."


I remember a few things from that hospital stay (it was over 40 years ago!), but I don't remember that, lol.