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(Audiobook) The Fourth Friend

The Fourth Friend (DI Jackman & DS Evans #3) - Joy Ellis, Richard Armitage

This one...got to me. It had a very heart breaking ending. And the thing is, I'd totally worked out what most of the shocking twists were going to be, and when it ended in pretty much the only way it could have, I still felt sucker punched.


I know I'm being pretty vague, but I don't think I can describe my thoughts without spoiling anything, and I don't feel like using a spoiler cut right now.


I will warn that there was an animal death in this book. I don't think anyone will mind me spoiling that.


As always, Richard Armitage's narration is top-notch!


I'm sad because I only have one more of these in audiobook format to read. I hope they have plans to release the fifth in audiobbok format, too.