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A Quiet Life in the Country

A Quiet Life In The Country - T E Kinsey

Emily, Lady Hardcastle, and her lady's maid, Flo have just arrived at their new house in the country. We find out straight away that Emily has promised Flo a quiet life in the country and that the two have faced some intrigue in their pasts. We also learn that their relationship is rather unconventional for the times. They're best friends as opposed to merely employer and employee.


The two stumble upon a body and that sets us off on an absolutely charming story with a nice mystery.


What makes the book for me is the relationship between Emily and Flo. Both are fantastic, funny, smart characters in their own right and the two together are perfection. We get dribs and drabs of their past, and I have my suspicions about what Emily and possibly her late husband were up to at the time of his death some years prior.


I can't wait to see if I'm right. I'll definitely be continuing the series.