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Stars of Fortune

Stars of Fortune: Book One of the Guardians Trilogy - Nora Roberts

If you've ever read a Nora Roberts paranormal trilogy, the you know they all tend to follow a certain pattern: Six people (three women and three men) are draw together to stop an evil entity from forever altering the world. Some (if not all) of the six will have supernatural powers, and by the end of the trilogy, the six will be neatly paired off into three couples.


It's a formula that's worked for me, even if her later trilogies haven't worked quite as well for me as her earlier ones.


This one, though...if the first book is anything to judge by, could end up being one of my favorites.


Each one of the six in this book has a supernatural secret. We know straight away that Sasha, the heroine of this book, is a seer. But waiting for the others' secrets to be revealed was lots of fun, even if I'd worked out most of them ahead of time.