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Fracked - Mark D. Campbell

An accident at an oil-drilling site unleashes a plague that causes all (human or, as I sadly found out, animal) who come into contact with--living or dead--to be turned into mindless (and fast) zombies whose only purpose is to infect others. The plague comes in the form of an oil like substance...I kept picturing something sort of like that oil slick from the "The Raft" segment of Creepshow 2.


Anyway, it's well written and fast paced. The two main characters, a married couple named John and Rebecca, were likeable enough. Both work for the company that owns the site where the accident happened. John worked in the field, and Rebecca for a hospital set up by the company in their small town. After the accident, John ends up in the hospital where Rebecca works and from there they have to fight their way free and try to make their way back home in order to gather supplies and make their escape.


This is a stand alone novel, though I admit there were times I thought it wasn't going to be.


Overall, it was good, not great, but good.