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(Audiobook) Kill Creek

Kill Creek - Scott Thomas, Bernard Setaro Clark

I will let you all know right now, I will not be able to do this book justice. I probably shouldn't even be trying to review it this soon after finishing it, because my thoughts are all various versions of, "ASKDAFJSKDLALSKD!!"


Four horror authors are invited by a young wealthy man--who runs a website devoted to all things horror--to spend the night in the Finch House and have the interviews that occur during that time to be streamed live.


The authors include, Sam, who writes horror with relatable everyman type characters, Sebastian Cole, a horror legend, Daniel, who writes teen oriented horror with moral messages, and our lone female author, Moore, who writes violent horror with a sexual bent.


Accompanying the four authors to the house are Wainwright, the website owner, and Kate, who operates the cameras, and is also Wainwright's girlfriend.


The group survives their night at the house without any major happenings occurring, and they all return to their normal lives. It's at this point that the book truly becomes horrific in the best possible way. Things start happening and the tension grows and...I'm going to stop there for fear of spoiling things.


The characters are fully formed and well developed, so much so that I truly cared for them and about what happened to them, and that did make the book difficult to read at times, but that's what makes really well written horror books so good.


Oh...and the ending? Perfect.


I listened to the audiobook narrated by Bernard Setaro Clark, and he was amazing!