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Year One

Year One - Nora Roberts

Holy cow...I really enjoyed this. It was a total departure from what I'm used to from Nora Roberts (the In Death books included), but yet still felt like a Nora Roberts book.


When the world is hit with a fast acting virus, nearly 80% of the world's population is eradicated. The other 20% are immune. Those who are left have to pick up the pieces and begin again. Among those survivors are those who have magical abilities, the Uncanny. The story follows several groups of survivors--magical and non magical--who eventually manage to merge into one group.


The book is engrossing, fast paced, and despite having a rather large cast of characters, manages to give each one enough page time that you (or me at least) can't help but care and root for them.


I will caution, though, don't get too attached. Characters do die in this one.


I borrowed this from the library, but will be getting my own copy to have for my home library.