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Seventh Grave and No Body

Seventh Grave and No Body - Darynda Jones

This was heading for a two and a half star or three star rating, but it got a lot better the further I got into it.


The main problem I had is that I think it's time for Charley to grow up a bit. Not that I want her to completely lose the humor and snark that makes her character so endearing to me, but just for her not to be so flippant all. The. Time. Early on in the book it felt to me that she didn't take all the threats to her--or her unborn child--seriously. She made some TSTL decisions that pissed me off.


At times the humor was too over the top and felt at odds with the seriousness of the situations they were facing.


Her and Reyes also seemed so angry with each other so much of the time, and I didn't like that, either. Both keep secrets from each other, Reyes in particular, and that frustrated me too, and so many of their issues could be solved it they talked to each other more.


Anyway, once I got, oh...I'd say a third or maybe halfway through the book, the things that were bothering me bothered me less so, and I began to really enjoy the book. This author also knows how to hit me right in the feels, and she did so in a major way in this book.


I probably would have ended up rating this 4 stars, but for the fact that I felt beaten over the head with the whole "my affianced" thing. It became really old, really fast.