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The Thin Man

The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett

Ugh. I did not really enjoy this at all. I didn't think the banter was witty, and the characters were shallow and insufferable. Seriously, there wasn't a single likeable character outside of the dog, Asta. Nick, especially, was a pompus ass, and I didn't see why Nora loved him, nor why every other female character kept throwing themselves at him.


Nora had no development and little to do, and the female characters in general were just terribly written.


I will admit that I didn't figure out the murderer, but I think that may be because it was so damn convoluted and then wrapped up after the fact by Nick and I was just like, "What?" I was trying to figure out what I missed along the way.


And I was just bored by it. That and the fact that I hated every character (except Asta!) pretty much assured that I could not care less who the guilty party was.


This book really did not age well.


Also...So. Much. Drinking.