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House of Many Shadows

House of Many Shadows - Barbara Michaels

This book was hard for me to rate. I was really enjoying it right up until the end. I was SO let down by the ending.


Meg is recuperating at her cousin Sylvia's house-she'd had a head injury from a crash that left her seeing hallucinations. Also on hand is the caretaker, Andy, who is also Sylvia's stepson and a childhood nemesis of Meg's.


Meg has a hallucination while at the house, and and is dismayed until Andy states he can see it, too. The two then begin a quest to discover who the people in the visions are, and just what exactly happened to them.


There was all this great buildup as to what happened in the past to the people who Andy and Meg were seeing in their visions, and then it was just rushed through and explained away in a way that I felt was most unsatisfying.


I also didn't buy into the relationship between Meg and Andy. I could see a friendship by the end, but not them being in love with each other. I'd have also liked to have seen more insight into Andy's past.


All in all, though, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was more than a three star read for me, but the ending kept me from allowing it the full four stars I'd been planning before then.