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The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion

The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion: A Haunted House Mystery- Book 0 - Roger Hayden

Two words: Cliffhanger ending


Had I known that going in, I'd have never bothered. I mean, I knew it was a novella, and I knew it was setting up a series of books. Silly me, I still expected an ending "for now" with the overall story continuing in the next book.


What I got was was the book just cutting off mid-scene.


And not to mention the numerous editing errors, like characters' names changing mid-paragraph, words being left out, improper sentence structure, etc.


It also suffered from being way too descriptive in some places and not nearly enough in others. The characters made leaps in judgment at times, and I couldn't quite figure out how they got there.


It's a shame, because the idea for the premise was good, but my rage at the cliffhanger, and the editing issues will prevent me from going any further.


At least it was free.