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Copper Beach

Copper Beach - Jayne Ann Krentz

Not one of my favorite Krentz titles, but still enjoyable for the most part.


As with most of the other Krentz/Quick/Castle books that deal with those possessing paranormal psychic talents, there is some degree of insta-love/lust happening due to the lead couple's auras linking up or whatever. I can usually deal with it, though I'm not big on insta-love as a trope. But this book took place over the course of a few days, so I had a little trouble buying into Sam and Abby's HEA.


Also, I wish the author would come up with some alternate phrases for one heightening one's abilities. She relies on the word 'jacked', and it grows a little tiresome after awhile.


There was a doggie character, though. I loved the dog!