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A semi-review of my Fire HD 10.

I've had it six days, and am still in the first blush of love, so this review is likely to be a bit biased.


But suffice it to say, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The display is gorgeous, and the nice big screen is excellent for watching video. The speakers are much improved over the one(?) in my 1st gen, so music, tv/movies, and audiobooks sound better than ever.


It's about the same weight as my old 1st gen (which has a 7 in. screen), and while I haven't been able to do as much reading with it as I'd have liked yet, it's been pretty comfortable to hold so far.


And the three comics I read today were a test to see how they display on a screen this size. The answer was: beautifully. I didn't have to do the 'tap on each panel' thing to be able to read them, and the HD screen showcased the artwork beautifully.


Accessories I've bought so far are a 32 gb micro sd card, a longer usb cable, and a cover/stand. Still need to get some kind of screen protection.


Now, I posted asking about the Goodreads on Kindle app the other day, and no one else seems to be using it, so I decided to be the guinea pig and try it out.


The questions I wanted answered were:


1. Does it automatically add books purchased from amazon to your GR account?


2. Does it automatically shelve any books previously purchased books that you download to your kindle to GR?


The answers to both of those questions is no. I've downloaded a couple of previously purchased books from the cloud to the HD 10 that had not been shelved on GR, and there were no changes made to my GR account.


I finally found a freebie book I thought sounded interesting enough to purchase, and it was not automatically added to GR. On the profile page on the GR on Kindle app, there is an option to add all your amazon books, and when you tap that, it lists all the books (physical and digital) that you've bought on amazon. You can then select the books you wish to shelve. I tried it with the book I just bought, and the app only gives me the option of choosing one of the exclusive shelves. (Not sure if the regular app is the same way or not, I mainly only use it to scan and look up books)


Updating reading progress--at least in kindle book--is done inside the book itself instead of within the app. Not sure if it's something you can do with a physical book. Needless to say, I'm not too sure how I feel about the app yet.


But the kindle...the kindle I love.