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I'm thinking of rereading this trilogy...

Blue Dahlia (In The Garden #1) - Nora Roberts Black Rose - Nora Roberts Red Lily - Nora Roberts

...because the second book (Black Rose) features an older heroine and hero. I was looking back through my posts and I came across this post, that features a link to a list of some books that feature older couples.


I currently own two books on that list: Black Rose, by Nora Roberts, and The Passion of the Purple Plumeria, by Lauren Willig (which I have not yet read).


Now, I've read all the Garden Trilogy books, but it was so long ago (ten years, maybe?) that I don't remember much about them. So, I'm thinking I should start at the beginning again, instead of jumping right to the one I really want to reread.


Then again, this is a Nora Roberts trilogy, and they all tend to follow the same pattern, so I likely wouldn't be all that lost if I were to jump right into the second book.


Hmmmm...what to do?