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(Audiobook) Carmilla

Carmilla - Audible Ltd., Hannah Genesius, Phoebe Fox, Leslie S. Rose, Susan Wooldridge, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, David  Tennant, David Horovitch, James Wilby

Note: This review is of the adaptation I listened to, and not the original text.


"Love will have its sacrifices. No sacrifice without blood."


This was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. This was everything a vampire story should be: Gothic, suspenseful, creepy, and sensual.


This version is an adaptation by Robin Brooks of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's original novella, and as such there are some changes made to the original work. From what I can see doing a cursory comparison, it appears that while this adaptation retains the original storyline, the cast of characters has been condensed, and the missing character's parts given to other characters, especially at the end. I haven't yet fully read the original, so this may not be exactly right.


Also, instead of a single narrator, we're treated to an entire talented cast including, most notably, Rose Leslie as Laura, Phoebe Fox as Carmilla, and David Tennant as Doctor Hesselius.


The performances were fantastic, especially Rose Leslie. In addition to the delightful cast, I also enjoyed the use of music and sound effects. It reminded me of listening to an old time radio show.


I'd recommend this highly to fans of the original as well as to those who maybe would like to read the original, but maybe aren't fond of the 19th century era prose.