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His Wicked Games

His Wicked Games - Ember Casey

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Not bad at all. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. (Sorry, but I've been burned by kindle freebies before, so I go into each one rather dubiously now.) Though I'd have probably enjoyed it a bit more if I'd been able to better connect with the two leads, Lily and Calder. I liked them both well enough, but I wish the book had been a bit longer in order to flesh them out a bit more. Though, there's a second book that I'm assuming does that.


On that note, the ending is more of a HFN than a HEA, though I could definitely see this couple getting their HEA. No huge cliffhangers or anything like that, either...which is a point in the author's favor for me.


Also this is more an erotic romance, and the steamy scenes are appropriately steamy, without (thankfully) veering into ridiculousness.


I'm definitely considering purchasing the next in the series just to see how their relationship develops further.