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The Counterfeit Heiress

The Counterfeit Heiress - Tasha Alexander

*I won an advanced readers copy of this book through Goodreads FirstReads Giveaways.*

Much, much better than the previous book in this series.

As our story begins, Emily and Colin, as well as Emily's friends Jeremy Sheffield and Cécile du Lac (so glad to see both of them back, yay!), are at the Duchess of Devonshire's fancy dress ball when Cécile calls out a woman posing as her friend--a world traveling heiress named Estella Lamar--as an imposter. The woman then flees, and is later found murdered.

Emily and Colin, with help from Jeremy and Cécile, begin to investigate the woman's--Mary Darby--death, and why she would be impersonating the mysterious Estella Lamar.

The alternating point of view that I had an issue with in the last book is back in this one, though this time I think it added tremendously to the story. I think it worked better for me this time because it was a similar set up as in Death in the Floating City, in which the 'Emily chapters' (as I call them) tell about the modern day (in the series' timeline, that is) investigation, and the alternating chapters deal with a historical storyline that connects to the main investigation--which in this book was about Estella and her life leading up to the events of this book.

The mystery of who killed Mary Darby was pretty easy to figure out--though still interesting to read--but the truth about what happened to Estella was played out to perfection. I could sense where her storyline was headed through the 'Estella' chapters, but the actual reveal itself was still pretty shocking regardless.

I love that Emily and Colin shared so much page time in this book. Their relationship is one of my favorite things about this series. They very clearly love and respect each other, and have such a sweet, teasing way with each other. I love that Colin respects Emily's talents as an investigator, and while he worries about her (as she does him), he trusts her enough to know that when she is off investigating on her own that she knows her limits and won't knowingly put herself in harm's way. And I love that Emily does know her limits, and never falls into TSTL territory.