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Edge of Control

Edge of Control (Edge Security Series Book 1) - Trish Loye

I really waffled on how to rate this. Should I go with 2.5 stars or 3? I mean, I liked the book well enough, despite my earlier issues with the heroine (she got better!), but I can't exactly say I "really liked it a lot" which is what I usually classify as a three star read. In the end, I did go with the three stars, because once I picked it up this morning and began to read, I didn't stop until I finished. That's got to be worth something.


The author is former military, and that shone through, at least to this civilian's eyes.


I do wish there had been more time to flesh out the characters, not just the main ones, but the villains as well.


As the book takes place over the course of about two weeks, I'd say our couple ends with more of a HFN than an HEA, but there is a Christmas novella (for 99 cents) that centers on this couple, and it takes place a year later. I may go ahead and grab it since I have a $1 credit for choosing the slower shipping on my sister-in-law's Christmas present.


I picked the first book and the seventh book up awhile back when they were both free. I'll probably read it, though I doubt I'll go much further in the series as the other books are all around $5, and I don't pay that much for kindle books.