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24 Festive Tasks - Door 9: World Philosophy Day (Task 2)


Task 2: Share your reviewing philosophy with us – how do you rate a book? Do you have a mental template for reviewing? Rules you try to follow, or rules you try to break?


My reviewing philosophy is pretty simple, too. These days, I only review if I feel like it. And even then it may be a long detailed review of why I liked or disliked a book, or it may be a few sentences describing the same.


As for rating, I do tend to rate highly. If I get enjoyment out of a book, I'm usually generous with the stars.


But mainly, I tend to rate thusly:


5 stars = I really loved this book lots and lots

4 stars = I loved this book

3 stars = I liked this book a lot

2 stars = this book was okay

1 star = Yuck