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24 Festive Tasks - Door 7: International Day for Tolerance (Task 3)


Task 3: The French expression for tolerance towards others is “laisser faire, laisser aller” (roughly: “let them do as they want, let it go”). Have you ever “let go” a book (e.g., given it away or decided not to yield to the temptation to buy it) and later regretted that choice?


No, not that I can recall. I'm usually pretty decisive on books I want to give away or donate, so I've never regretted doing that. As for not yielding to temptation to buy a book...I'm not sure I even know what that means! Seriously, though, buying books is one area where I've never been successful at cutting back, so if I want it and I can't find it to borrow anywhere, I'll buy it. Switching to mostly only buying used copies has helped my pocketbook a lot, though.