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24 Festive Tasks - Door 5: Bon Om Touk (Task 4)


Task 4:The South Korean flag features images of ying / yang (the blue and red circle in the center) and four sets of three black lines each representing heaven, sun, moon and earth and, in turn, the virtues humanity, justice, intelligence and courtesy. Compile a list or stack – 4 books minimum – composed of books that either have opposing words in their titles (e.g., war / peace; asleep / awake – not necessarily both words in the same title), or that feature the words “heaven,” “sun,” “moon,” “earth,” “humanity,” “justice,” intelligence,” and / or “courtesy.


So, this isn't exactly a stack, but there are labels on the spines of two of the books, right where the titles are, of course, and so I opted for this instead:



Books containing the words, "sun," "moon," "heaven", and "earth."


And then just for funsies, I also made a digital stack of book opposites.



all / none

dark / light

day / night

hot / cold