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24 Festive Tasks - Door 4: Guy Fawkes Night (Task 2)


Task 2: Start a revolution: What one thing would you change about the book reading world? (Be it publishing, distribution, editing, cover art, bookstores – anything having to do with books.)


I'd do away with those annoying descriptive taglines I've been seeing on some ebooks lately (or kindle books, at least). And as much as it pains me to say it, the Joy Ellis kindle editions are big offenders here.



Had I not listened to the first Jackman and Evans audiobook, I'd have never given them nor the Nikki Galena series a chance because those "gripping thriller full of twists" taglines are a huge turn off for me.


Thankfully Richard Armitage was there to lead me to the Jackman and Evans series. (And also, the audible editions don't use those taglines.)