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Blowout: An FBI Thriller

Blowout  - Catherine Coulter

This book...I bought a copy of it for a dollar the the library the other day, only to discover while looking through my book cabinet that I already owned it. That totally flabbergasted me, because reading the synopsis of the book in the library, it seemed so unfamiliar to me that I was sure I'd never read it before. Apparently I was wrong.


As I reread the book over the weekend a few things did seem familiar, but mostly I'd forgotten the entire book.


I used to buy every Savich and Sherlock book as soon as they were released because I loved them that much. I see now that I've apparently outgrown them.This book itself wasn't bad, but it wasn't that great either. I'm considering rereading a few of the others in the series to see if I remember them or like them any better.