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The Flash: Climate Changeling

The Flash: Climate Changeling - Richard A. Knaak

This book is 430 pages long. The story contained therein could have been told in half as many pages. There were so many repetitive passages that it made for one of the most frustrating reads I've had in awhile. Barry and the Weather Wizard fought, Barry lost, Barry's strength was being sapped, no one knew why and everyone fretted about it. Then we'd repeat the whole sequence a few pages later. It was tedious.


An even bigger sin, in my opinion, were the characters. They either read wildly out of character (Iris) or had no characterization to speak of at all (pretty much everyone else). The things that make them the characters I love so much on the tv show were completely absent.


I'm having trouble placing this book in the show's timeline. It has to be set either during or just after season 3. They talk about defeating Savitar (s3's big bad), but the manner in which he was defeated is different. Plus, a character whose death was instrumental in Savitar's defeat is still alive in this book, so I'm confused.