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The Lingering

The Lingering - SJI Holliday

This was good, but could have been so much better.


It was creepy, but not outright scary.


Jack and Ali, a married couple, arrive at a commune for people who wish to eschew the outside world. The commune is located in an old mental asylum located in the English Fens. You're aware pretty early on that Jack and Ali have Secrets. Also, Ali begins to experience strange happenings almost as soon as they arrive at the commune.


The story is told from the perspective of Ali, Angela, (a resident of the commune and also an amateur ghost hunter), and--later--Smeaton, the leader of the commune. There are also chapters that are diary entries from the 1950's written by a doctor who was sent in to investigate the "treatments" being performed on patients of the asylum. This was a bit jarring at times as the Ali and Smeaton chapters were in third person, but the Angela chapters were first person. I liked the diary chapters, as they gave a bit of the history of the place that no one in the present day parts of the story wanted to talk about.


Ali and Jack's history and reason for being there is slowly revealed, but I had already sussed out what I think was supposed to be the shocking twist long before I think I was supposed to.


It was a bit slow to get going, and yet it was also almost compulsively readable. I'd definitely be interested in trying another book by this author.