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Real Murders

Real Murders (Aurora Teagarden Book 1) - Charlaine Harris

This was not a good book. At all.


The characters were as flat as paper dolls. Except paper dolls are less boring and more likeable.


I found the main character, Roe (short for Aurora), the least likeable of them all. Just as bland as the others, in addition to being the stereotypical mousy librarian. She also came off as kind of preachy and was jealous of any woman who had a romantic relationship...including her own mother. She was far too self-pitying for my tastes as well.


All of the other characters, including her two "love interests," were so one dimensional, that it was impossible to work up any caring about any of them.


Roe didn't really seem to do much detecting, either. Things happened, and she either just happened to be there or stumbled upon them soon after.


The reveal of the killer was a complete flop, and it was resolved way too quickly.


And then there was this:


"At least this would be a unifying election for Lawrenceton. None of the candidates was black, which always made for a tense campaign and a divisive one."


Alrighty then.