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(Audiobook) Their Lost Daughters

Their Lost Daughters - Joy Ellis, Richard Armitage

I think if you'd seen any of my previous updates, then you'd know I was going to rate this book highly.


I listened to the Audible Studios production which featured Richard Armitage as narrator. I've said it before about other audiobooks he's narrated, but he's an absolutely fantastic narrator. He has a wide variety of accents and voices and he lends the right amount of gravitas to the non-dialogue parts of the prose. I could honestly listen to him narrate the phone book.


As to the writing itself, it was excellent. This book read like a really good British tv crime drama. In fact, it would make a really good British tv crime drama.


A teenage girl is found wandering the fens, and another teenage girl is found murdered. DI Jackman, DS Evans, and their team begin to investigate, while also investigating a cold case from nearly a decade ago involving a missing little girl.


As Jackman, Evans, and team investigate they have to navigate through many twists and turns as the cases uncover secrets bigger than anyone could have possibly imagined.


The characters are compelling, well written, and likeable, and I loved the Fenlands as a setting.


I highly recommend this book if you like British Crime books.