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When you get books you didn't order...

Remember me mentioning that I'd ordered the second and third books in the Ameila Peabody series as well as a Barbara Michaels book from Better World Books?


Well, I got two packages in the mail yesterday from them. They ship out of two warehouses now, btw.


This was what they contained:



"But Jennifer," you say, "only one of those books appear to be one of the ones you ordered." And you would be correct. The one package contained the Elizabeth Peters book. The other had the three paperbacks that were obviously meant for someone else, but had my name on them instead.


I knew something was up when I could tell the one package contained at least three paperbacks. Two of the three books I ordered were hardcover.


I submitted a ticket with BWB, and they got back to me today thanking me for alerting them and for giving them the SKU numbers of the books I got in error, so that they could contact that buyer and make things right with them. She then said that the tracking number for my two missing books says they'd been delivered and wanted to know if I'd received them yet. I told her I had not. (I personally think my shipping label got placed on the wrong package, and that's why the tracking number is showing them as delivered when it was actually the three books above that were delivered.)


I get to keep the Barker and the two Gaiman books, or was asked to donate them if I didn't want them. I'm keeping them.


I'm not sure yet what they're going to do about my missing books as the representative I was in contact with hasn't yet replied to my last email.


This is the second time this has happened in less than a year, and if it keeps up, I'll have to quit buying from them. I will give them credit, though, for doing everything they can to make things right.