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Elusive (On The Run, #1) - Sara Rosett

This popped up as a recommendation on Hoopla, so I took a chance.


It hooked me pretty much right from the start, but it really got good once Zoe and Jack reconnected. From there we were taken on a rollicking, fast-paced ride. There were times I had to slow myself down because I was reading too fast and was missing things.


I only had a few minor quibbles:


I didn't notice a lot of typos, but I did notice "all be it" used in place of "albeit".


It could get overly descriptive at times. So much so that I think the ending felt a bit rushed.



Jack's age. At one point a witness states that he's a young man of about twenty-five. To me, that just doesn't jive with his former profession.

Not that I claim to know much about how and at what age one becomes a CIA operative and spy, but it's mentioned that the event that happened that cost Jack his job happened four years ago. If that were true, he'd have been twenty-one at the time. I'd mentally placed him in the 30-35 year age range, so to see twenty-five brought up was kind of jarring. Though, I guess that could be cracked up to the witness not being good at judging people's ages?

(show spoiler)



That aside, it was a lot of fun to read. I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series, and may check out some of the author's other books as well.