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Continuing my quest to own all things narrated by Richard Armitage...

I have added these to my collection:


FREE: Classic Love Poems - William Shakespeare,Edgar Allan Poe,Elizabeth Barrett Browning,Richard Armitage The BL book page says "free," but alas, it no longer is. Still, $3.95 to listen to Mr. Armitage read poetry to me is a small price to pay. Even if it is rather short.


The Bloody Chamber - Angela Carter,Richard Armitage,Emilia Fox This was just released in March and features not only Mr. Armitage, but also Emilia Fox. (Not, Emilia Pardo Bazan as BL changed it to when I added the book. Librarians, I submitted changes, hopefully, I did it right. *sighs*) Used a credit for this one.


Their Lost Daughters - Richard Armitage,Joy Ellis This is a pre-order, coming out at the end of May, and despite what the audible page says, this is actually the second in the Jackman and Evans series, at least according to what I've seen on both amazon and GR. I used a credit for this one as well.


You know, I have a shelf titled, "Because Tom Hiddleston, that's why," perhaps I need one for Richard Armitage as well...