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16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Square 1

I guess this means I'm playing!



Square 1: November 1st:
All Saints Day / Día de los Muertos / Calan Gaeaf


Tasks for Día de Muertos and All Saint’s Day: create a short poem, or an epitaph for your most hated book ever.


A Poem about Steamed by Katie MacAlister

“Steamed” is how I felt by the end,

This book I truly wanted to rend.

A sexist hero and a wimpy heroine it contained,

While reading I felt as if I'd been brained.

They had sex all the time and thought it was fine,

It didn't matter if their lives were on the line.

This poem is weak, and the right words I seek,

To really express the level of rage I felt,

Let's just say it was white-hot enough to make an iceberg melt.


[link to my review which really gets my rage across much better, because I am crap at writing poems.]