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(Audiobook) Burnt Offerings

Burnt Offerings: Valancourt 20th Century Classics - Robert Marasco, R.C. Bray

I happened upon this nearly a year ago while browsing through books narrated by R.C. Bray at audible. He's one of my favorite narrators, and I wanted to listen to more of his work. I thought the synopsis sounded interesting, so I used a precious, precious credit and purchased it.


Flash forward to October 2017, and me needing to find some books to help me finish out my BL Halloween Bingo categories. I wanted another audiobook, and I suddenly remembered this one.


What an excellent decision that turn out to be. This book was scary. It had a sort of slow burn feel to it, and the tension and the horror just kept ratcheting up until it's almost suffocating.


For me, the most horrific scenes were those that happened in or around the pool...and that chauffeur.