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(Audiobook) The Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw - Henry James, Richard Armitage, Emma Thompson

aka Words, Words Everywhere.


I've read my share of VIctorian Era writing, so I am quite familiar with just how wordy it can be. But this...this was beyond. Honestly, had I been reading this as opposed to listening to it I'd have DNF'd it for sure. Even with the superb narration, there were a few times I had to back up to listen to a passage again.


As for the story itself...it was okay. I like--and yet also find it quite maddening--that the story is left open to interpretation. And I'm not quite sure just what I think actually happened just yet. I waffled back and forth while reading the book, but have no firm thoughts as of now.


Anyway, 2 stars for the story itself, and the extra star is for Emma Thompson's excellent narration.