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The Case of the Flaming Fashion Queen

The Case of the Flashing Fashion Queen  - N.L. Wilson

This was somewhere between "OK", and "I liked it." I really liked the fact that the main character is a 40 year old lady PI, and thought the synopsis sounded intriguing, but it didn't quite come together for me.

I mean, for someone who was supposed to have been a PI for many years, Dix (our main character) sure seemed to miss a lot of what I thought were very obvious clues. I had the murderer figured out pretty early on and would get so frustrated when she couldn't put it all together sooner. She also did a couple of things I thought fell into TSTL territory, especially with a murder charge hanging over her head.

I also felt the book tried way too hard to be funny. While I did find some things amusing, I didn't laugh nearly as much as I think I was supposed to.

One thing I did like was the potential for a relationship between Dix and the younger man (he's 28 to her 40) who works for her, Dylan. The attraction is there on both sides, but I'm afraid it's going to get bogged down in "Oh, he's too young for me! I can't!" type stuff, and it shouldn't.

Speaking of Dylan, he apparently has magical color changing eyes. The first couple times they were mentioned, they were brown, and then after that they were suddenly blue. Oooops.

Anyway, it got better towards the end, and I liked some of the supporting characters, but overall it just didn't hook me enough to want to continue with the series.