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Conspiracy In Death

Conspiracy in Death  - J.D. Robb

I know I've been rating all the books in this series pretty high, but so far, for me at least, they've deserved it.

And this one was one of the best.

My heart broke for Eve in this story. So very much of who she is as a person is wrapped up in being a cop, and when that's taken away, it all but breaks her. Seeing her so fragile and brought so low was a difficult thing, but it made it all the more satisfying when she made it through the sadness and moved onto anger and resolve to solve her case no matter what.

And right there with her you had Roarke. Steadfast, supportive, yet still ready to give her the kick in the ass she needed to get her out of her funk and stir that motivation to fight back.

I also loved seeing the way Eve's friends rallied behind her while all this was going on as well.

So far this series shows no signs of slowing down for me. Hopefully that continues to be the case.