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I am so behind on everything...ugh. I've had this lingering cold that I can't seem to shake. I went to the urgent care a week ago yesterday and got a decadron shot, which made me feel good enough to get through my Jersey Boys trip without coughing my head off and ruining the experience for myself and those around me. But by Sunday my symptoms started coming back. I'm sure I'll end up on antibiotics because I'm prone to sinus infections. I loathe taking antibiotics, and I keep hoping it will go away with the otc stuff I'm taking. I don't think I"m gonna be that lucky, though. Anyway, I've pretty much have just been going to work and coming home and lying down.


Speaking of Jersey Boys, it was an absolute blast! I absolutely adored the current tour cast, and while the other two casts I've seen have been fabulous, there was just something about this one. The audience was really into it this time, and you could see the cast was just really feeding off of that. It was just...magnificent!


I still need to do my October 'month in review' post, but that may not happen just yet. I did update my avatar, though!