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Dark Desires

Dark Desires  - Eve Silver

What a treat this turned out to be. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: Kindle freebies are hit or miss, and more often a miss. So, when you find one that you end up enjoying a lot, it makes it all the more special.


I loved the heroine (though, I do think she held on to her suspicions about the hero just a tad too long), I loved the hero (but wished we'd been able to read from his perspective, too), I loved the side characters.


I enjoyed the fact that while this was set in Victorian Era London, it wasn't set in glittering ballrooms among the Ton. It was set in Whitechapel, without nary a Duke or an Earl in sight. Our hero is a doctor as well as an anatomist (and hoo boy, definite book boyfriend material). Our heroine, a resilient gently bred lady who had quickly fallen on hard times. I enjoyed the interactions between the two, and fully believed in their HEA.


The mystery (as to who the murderer was), was pretty easy to figure out, but it didn't really bother me much. I just wish the villain had gotten more page time as I didn't really find them to be much of a threat.


I have, I believe, books three and four in this series, both of which I got when they, too, were offered for free. I look forward to reading them.