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Written in Red

Written In Red - Anne Bishop

I should not have liked this as much as I did. In fact, I'd considered DNF'ing it early on. There were so many things in this book that normally signal a great big "NO" for me. For example, the main character's 'special snowflake' characteristics (most of the Others, who hate humans and view them pretty much as a food source, literally loved her within moments of meeting her), and the fact that the author often said in ten words what could easily have been said in three were the two most glaring for me.


But, so many of my friends loved this book, so I pressed on. I'm glad I did, because somewhere along the way I got engrossed. The things that bothered me didn't seem to as much anymore. Meg became more a fully formed character and I grew accustomed to the author's writing style. And she told one hell of an addicting tale. The world she created is intriguing and the characters varied and interesting.I was loathe to leave the world after I finished the book.


Can't wait to read further in the series!