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So, about my internet issues...

Long story short - at about 10:00 pm on June 5th, my internet went down. It was still out the next morning as I was getting ready for work, and was in the same state when I got home. I tried all the normal troubleshooting issues, and when none of those resolved it, I called my provider. After going through an hour long troubleshooting procedure with them to no avail, they said they'd send it up to their techs who would call me back within 7-8 business hours. That didn't happen, and so began a week long ordeal of me calling and them saying they don't know why the techs hadn't called, but we'll tell them to call you, oh and we forgot, there's also tower maintenance, and so we can't do anything right now, and the techs still haven't called? Let me just email my supervisor to find out what's going on.


Suffice it to say that by the end of the week I was dizzy from the run around I was getting. Called the new internet provider on Saturday, and they set up an appointment for a tech to come on Thursday. That all went smoothly, he did the outside stuff, and I took the modem and set up the inside stuff. This internet is cheaper AND WAY, WAY, WAY FASTER, so I am extremely pleased.


Called to cancel service from the old provider and they asked why I wanted to cancel. I told them I had been without internet for over a week and no one would do anything about it. "Oh, I see here where you've called multiple times. You must've fell through the cracks. I'm sorry. Would a free month of service convince you to stay?"