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Ok, I am so pissed off right now.


So, the book I chose for my Kindle First selection refused to download to my kindle. It wouldn't show up in 'my books', but would show up as a gray box on my home page. I'd tap it, the box would go dark for a few seconds, and that's it. Nothing else would happen. It tried restarting, I tried syncing, I tried resending it to my kindle multiple times, so I finally decided to get someone on the chat to help me.


After I explained what was happening, we retried some of the steps I'd already tried, and finally the representative decided we should try deregistering and reregeristing the device. So I asked, "Ok, but will that delete everything I downloaded? All my books, audiobooks, music, etc.?" And the rep said, "Oh no, it will all still be there!" I agreed to do it, but confirmed with the rep again that all my downloaded stuff would still be on the device, to which they said yes.


So, they deregistered it, and I reregistered it, and guess what? ALL MY DOWNLOADED BOOKS, AUDIOBOOKS, MUSIC, AND VIDEO WERE DELETED FROM MY DEVICE!! (They are still in the cloud, of course, but that wasn't what I was told would happen. And my apps and such are fine.)


So, everything starts syncing and the book I was having the issues with showed up (finally) in my books. I tap it, and it downloads. I tell the person that, but also tell them that everything else was gone, that it was only in the cloud, and that I was going to have to redownload everything, and they were all, "Oh, once it syncs everything will start downloading again!"


But it didn't, the only thing that tried to automatically download was the damn Washington Post, which I don't want anyway. I told them that, and they were all, "Well, you can just delete anything you don't want!" At that point, I was done and said, "Ok, great. Thank you."


So...I guess I have a lot of work ahead of me. But, hey...I got that one book.