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So, I kind of forgot I had these**.


I got an email earlier from BookPerks, and one of today's perks is that some of the X-Files e-books are $.99. It suddenly occurred to me that I own some X-Files books, so I click on the link to see how many of the books on sale I own. Answer: all but one. (And I have two that aren't one the sale page)


Next thing was to remember where I stored them. Answer: In a box with my X-Files, Tomb Raider, and odds-n-ends comic books. (The odds-n-ends comic books are random issues that I'd get when I'd order the X-Files comics--old school style with a paper order form and everything, lol--they'd usually have an offer where you could get like 15 or 20 comic books, chosen by them, for an extra couple dollars or something.)


Anyway, I hopped over to amazon to take advantage of the sale and get the one book I didn't have at the sale price and also this free comic.


Over the weekend, I may have to dig out those comic books.


**To be fair to myself, I bought these books between 1994 and 1998, so I think forgetting about them is a bit understandable.