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Harmony Black

Harmony Black (Harmony Black Series Book 1) - Craig Schaefer

This was my Kindle First selection for January.


For most of this book, I was leaning towards 2 1/2 to three stars, as it fell somewhere between, "it was ok," and "I like it," during that time Then, in the last third or so, it really picked up, and I could not put it down. I'm rating three and half stars, because I'd really rather books really hook me much sooner than that, but boy did I ever enjoy that last third.


I enjoyed the world the author built, and I especially enjoyed the interactions between Harmony and her partner, Jessie. (And two women as the lead investigative pair! Woo-hoo!) There was also a very tepid romance between Harmony and a Sheriff's Deputy, but as none of the characters had very much depth, I found I could not get very invested in it.


A potentially series-spanning arc was introduced in this novel, and I was just interested enough by the end of the book to consider reading further.