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How to Dance With a Duke

How to Dance with a Duke - Manda Collins

This was so close...soooooooo close to being a four star book for me.

I loved the H/h, the side characters, the mystery (even though I figured out the guilty party pretty quickly), and the author's writing flowed very nicely.

So why did I rate it a three? Because a trope I loathe was employed. The dreaded, "I was burned by love once before, so now I will guard my heart fiercely and I will never, ever love again, because heartbreak sucks, and even though this man that I'm married to is nothing at all like the dude who jilted me, I cannot allow myself to fall in love with him, because the other dude broke my heart" one. I can take it in small doses, but this lasted until nearly the end of the book, and really clobbered you over the head with it. And it made me want to shake some sense into Cecily, our heroine, many, many times.

Had it not been employed, or employed in much smaller doses, this book would have easily earned that four star rating, because I enjoyed all the rest of it.

I've read the second in the series before this one, and I gave it four stars, but as I read it over a year ago, I only remember the barest bones of the story. I may give it a reread before moving on the the third book, see if my opinion holds.