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Dark Witch

Dark Witch - Nora Roberts

There was a time that I would inhale absolutely every Nora Roberts book I could get my hands on. A couple of them I read so many times that the pages began to fall out of the books. I need to hunt those up and give them a reread...

Anyway, somewhere over the last several years, something began to change. I still enjoy reading her books, but I no longer have the urgency to buy them when they first come out.

I also have grown to prefer her paranormal-type trilogies over her stand alone contemporaries, though I think that's contrary to a lot of other people.

That last fact is what makes me sad that I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as I thought I would. I should have loved it. It has witches, legends, a group of three women and three men coming together to try to defeat a centuries old foe, and a central romance between two of six characters.

And I did like it. I liked it quite a bit, but just not as much as I was anticipating. For me, it felt like the author was just going through the motions as far as the romance goes. And in a Nora Roberts book, I expect to love the romance.

Our heroine, Iona, arrives from America in search of her family and her destiny. Iona, I liked. I liked that she babbled when she was nervous, and that she constantly apologized for things she didn't need to apologize for--something I do myself--but yet she was very direct. She didn't tap dance around her attraction to Boyle, our hero.

And I liked Boyle too. I actually liked all the characters, but the problem was, none of them had much depth. The potential was there, but it wasn't fully realized, in my opinion. Therefore, the romance fell flat for me, especially the love-at-first-sight aspects of it. I could buy that Iona and Boyle were attracted to each other, sure. But other than that...

I will read the entire trilogy, because for all it's issues, and like I've said, I did enjoy this one. I own the next one, it's Connor's book (Iona's cousin), and he was my favorite character in this one. Though that may be because my brain pictured him looking somewhat like Aidan Turner. Anyway, hopefully, I'll enjoy it a bit more than this one.