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Midnight Crystal

Midnight Crystal - Jayne Castle

This is my first time reading one of Jayne Ann Krentz's futuristic novels, written under the pseudonym, Jayne Castle. I don't normally like to start a series in the middle for the very reasons I had some issues with this book, but it was the next one in line in the Arcane Socitey books (which span her historical, contemporary, and futuristic novels), so I forged ahead.


The Harmony books are set in the future on a formerly alien-inhabited planet called Harmony. Harmony is now inhabited by humans.


This particular book is #7 in the Harmony series, #9 in the Arcane Society, and #3 in the Dreamlight Trilogy (a trilogy contained within the Arcane Society novels).


The main thing that bothered me is that there is little to no world building. This book reads almost like a contemporary, only with some minor sci-fi/futuristic tidbits added in. I don't know, maybe the world building happened in earlier Harmony books? If that's the case, the author should have made more of an effort to do so in this book as well for those readers, like myself, who only read this one because it was part of another series.


I also grew weary very quickly of the repeated use of the word 'rez'. As in 'rez the lights', 'mag-rez gun', 'Hi-Rez Energy Bars', 'de-rezzed the engine' and so on. Had the world building been more robust, I might have been more comfortable with the word and its usage. As it was, it felt like it was just thrown in to say, “Look! Future!”


Other than that, this book follows the standard Jayne Ann Krentz formula, which as you all know is something I take comfort in. (I often call her books my literary comfort food) So, I actually did enjoy this book for, even with all the things that bothered me. Once I got started, I finished the book in two days.


I still prefer her historicals and her contemporaries, though.